I enjoy working with Eileen because she is a concept designer. She takes what’s in my head and make it come alive. She is able to get out of herself and into the client’s project.
— Kelly O’leary, Art of Living Program Director

The Art of Living sought to attract girls by creating a brand that visually presented the various aspects of this complex program. Depict Brands created a logo with a watercolor effect that evokes the hand-crafted, artistic expression central to the Art of Living’s mission: to raise the care for the basic needs of the human person to the level of an art. Our creative process takes into account the entirity of the image: medium, colors, images, typography, lighting. It is essential to combine just the right elements to convey the message that our client seeks.  The butterfly symbolizes the spirit of the high school girl: she is young and free soaring to a positive future, but she is still small. Her potential is not yet fully realized. 

In the design, the watercolor droplets the butterfly seems to leave beneath her, are the subtle and sometimes hidden efforts she has made to develop skills in service. These fall into a beautiful spray of color and energy, a path of love she leaves behind as she takes her new skills into a life of service to others. 

Orange, the color of social communication and optimism. 

Yellow, a younger version of orange; It is eager, optimistic and cheerful.

Purple, a color that evokes vision, imagination and creativity. 

Green, a color of leadership, balance and growth.