For the brand development of Cierpronti S.A, we needed to focus on establishing a corporate identity that would allow the business to grow in a global direction.  We proceeded to simplify objectives and services, and embraced the possibility of representing different brands, by recreating the company’s corporate logo and logo of its main products. We created a vibrant design that captured the main mission of the business in a simple form. Cierpronti’s identity became fresh and energetic through a design that increased its brand awareness on an international level.

Our client obtained immediate response from international customers, and the products gained substantial web following. Soon thereafter, the owner of the company was invited to attend a worldwide expo event to present their new design line of packaging products called Novo.


Dear Eileen, I think you have done an excellent new logo for NOVO.
Congratulations also on the packaging program. All the best, Massimo
— Massimo Vignelli
Eileen contributed to the sales increment projection in a time record, as well as putting our branding in higher market position. She is great working with other people and adapting to new environment.
— Luigi Carneade, CEO of Cierpronti S.A.